Toyota Engine Company – Power Train Co

Toyota has announced it has started a major overhaul in the engines used in about 60% of its vehicles. Not only are the engines been dropped and replaced but you can expect the transmissions used in these vehicles to be modified or redone from the ground up. Toyota is updating these vehicles with a greener running and more powerful lineup to make the government regulators happy as well as new Toyota buyers. Toyota is announcing this process to include 17

Toyota Recall-Again

The latest Toyota recall is a large and under rated issue for the manufacture. It raises questions about the safety of the vehicles made between 2003 and 2007. The issue is if the driver encounters a solid impact to the wheels like a pot hole, the steering will disengage. How in the world has this problem been hidden so long? How many vehicles have been crashed and how many people have been hurt? What about property damage? Insurance companies paying …