Hyundai Motors Cars “Mobility Vision”

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Hyundai Motors made some very bold announcements about the future of the connected home, workplace and car. Hyundai Motors is innovating in ways some people have thought about doing with the Smart Home concept. Our car will be docked at the house and integrate into different systems in the home.

The connected car which is part of the Smart House concept they demonstrated at CES gave us a window into the developments Hyundai is planning for it’s “Mobile Vision” which will place the car as being connected to the technologies that integrate into the home. When the car is driven home and parked, Hyundai will consider it “docked” as you any other portable device like a cell phone for example.

The vision Hyundai Motors takes place by making full use of the car for not only driving, but when docked Hyundai’s Connected Car will enable it’s customers to continue their living experience without interruption. This will be achieved by integrating the cars functionality with the house. This new idea gives people the advantage of combining connectivity, comfort and convenience of the features by blending them into one space.

The director of Hyundai Design Center said:  “Hyundai Motor recognizes the significance of connected technologies and the extent to which they could benefit our customers’ daily lives. Our Smart House concept fully integrates the car into the home, ultimately making the user’s life more comfortable and convenient. By seamlessly blending features from the car with home and work environments, the user experience is uninterrupted whether socializing, working at home, or on the move.”

This means that when the Hyundai vehicle is docked with a Smart Home, the new concept of mobility will become integrated into the house and handle certain functions that are useful and make the living space a better place to be with improved comfort and money saving features. Some of the duties the Hyundai Motors concept car can perform will be air conditioning, entertainment like internet, music and streaming video, and even provide power to the house during an outage by utilizing energy produced by the car.

Hyundai even went further to describe this new technology to help overpopulated areas or places with limited living space. They are saying the Mobility Vision will be able to transport people without them feeling the movement of being driven around which will allow them to keep living or relaxing as they normally would then transition to the work environment seamlessly. Some of these ideas sounds like the very far future but it seems they will be coming to market sooner than we think.