Toyota Engine Company – Power Train Co

Toyota has announced it has started a major overhaul in the engines used in about 60% of its vehicles. Not only are the engines been dropped and replaced but you can expect the transmissions used in these vehicles to be modified or redone from the ground up. Toyota is updating these vehicles with a greener running and more powerful lineup to make the government regulators happy as well as new Toyota buyers. Toyota is announcing this process to include 17 versions of a total of 9 new engines, 10 versions of 6 hybrids and 10 versions of 4 new transmissions.


For Toyota to be able to increase production and improve the technology of the gasoline-electric hybrid system, they are increasing the number of employees by 30 percent over the next 5 years. To help keep expenses off the Toyota books, they are moving some of this new project to suppliers like Denso Corp and Aisin Seiki Co.

This new Toyota engine and transmission project was announced by a former Aisin Seiki executive who was brought over to be president of the new Power Train Co. that Toyota formed to be responsible for the engines and transmissions produced for their vehicles. 

“We’d like to differentiate ourselves from others in terms of the value-added technology,”  Toshiyuki Mizushima said of the this new endeavor. “We will further evolve the engine and transmission.”  His intention with this new company is to reduce the number of engine models Toyota uses globally by up to 40%, this is a massive standardization project. Toyota has named this phase the Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA. As of today, the only TNGA vehicle on the market is the Toyota Prius engine.

Some of the new line-up that Toyota will unveil is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that will be coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission for several different front-wheel-drive vehicles, a 10-speed automatic transmission for rear-wheel-drive vehicles and a hybrid system for rear wheel drive vehicles.